Kimberly-Lynn Hanson
Kimberly-Lynn Hanson was born to a modest, hardworking family on the deceptively isolated prairies of Alberta, Canada. Growing up, art provided an outlet for dreams and escape from the confines of the simple, limited thinking of her surroundings. She quickly moved away from Alberta as a young adult, living in Whistler, Costa Rica,Vancouver, and Hawaii to experience life as a bartender, industrial design student at Emily Carr, and finally in 2005, as a tattoo artist.
As a professional tattoo artist, Kimberly found a career with the opportunity to express her aesthetics as a designer while also having the luxury to create direct human connections with diverse, daring individuals. It allowed her access to the wildest places the child in her spirit, could only before imagine.
With a sense of confidence and stability in her craft she was ready to return to a more humble lifestyle. Kimberly took her profession back to the Prairies with the feeling there could be something more subtle to explore. In Edmonton, she purchased a heritage house to restore and opened a private, appointment only tattoo studio that quickly flourished. For two years she focused on contributing to the environment that birthed her. Yet, while established, successful and grounded, her spirit still yearned for adventure.
In the fall of 2009, Hanson visited New York City for the first time and swiftly fell back in love with the energetic pace and constant inspiration. Kimberly`s visits to the city became a yearly ritual as she returns every autumn for three months to replenish her cravings for unfamiliar faces and rich, eclectic experiences. Always coming back to her property in Edmonton with clarity, realizing the light and solitude were the perfect space to raise and bring to life her New York inspirations with an uncontaminated, raw, honest voice.
It was during one of her visits to New York City she was offered a solo exhibition of her works at a newly opened gallery in Brooklyn. The gallery owner acknowledged Hanson had no collection of fine art at the time but saw something defiant in her that would provide a truly compelling show. With one year to procure enough pieces to constitute a full exhibition Kimberly flew back to her studio in Edmonton to get to work.
In 2013, "The Night is Young and Other Things Left Undone " opened in Brooklyn to rave reviews. With over half of the exhibition sold in only a few weeks, Red Bull Canada picked up the "The Night is Young" and brought it north of the border to Toronto.
Changing their stylish Canadian headquarters into an art gallery, Red Bull hosted another solo exhibition of Kimberly-Lynn Hanson's pieces mere months after her first. From there collectors across the globe began acquiring Hanson's work. With buyers spanning from coast to coast in Canada as well as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Austria, Ireland, and Hong Kong, in an impressive timeline, Hanson's works attracted a vast array of clientele as well as many interesting projects. Her work has graced the the walls of Galaries Lafayette in Paris all the way to the skyline of Times Square where is was illuminated 25 stories tall! Her professionalism, elegant eye for branding and subtle yet powerful capability to deliver a clean message has drawn companies like Diesel Denim, Jack Daniels, Red Bull, Bentley Motors, and Aston Martin.
She began working directly with interior designers, architects, developers, and gallery owners. While best known for her uniquely framed, large photo realistic charcoal works these creatives evolved into commissioning Hanson for other types of artwork for their challenging projects. Possessing the unique skill set tattooing provided her, Hanson was able to not only listen, but intuit her client's creative needs. Thus began Kimberly's foray into her current body of work.
Ranging from rich, romantic photo realistic, tactile charcoal works, to freely colored, modern abstract oils; sculpture to branding, Kimberly is obsessed with  the many mysterious languages that string together all which is timelessly beautiful. Continuing with her life long devotion to remain out of ridged confines, her collection exudes a daring and almost self inflicted freedom. She is willing to be misunderstood. Her work proves true strength lays in malleability and honest bravery is possessed by the humility in hearing and fulfilling other creatives' needs. With her materials, as diverse as her clientele, she owns versatility and has consistently proven the ability to create in every medium, in every unlimited multi-facetted style. Hanson delivers a final product as a symbol, one that sings the qualities of timelessness. Here, she is at a level of her own.
In 2016, Kimberly showcased this idea best as she opened the doors to "The Gallery". A 2000 +sq/ft space in Edmonton's High Street district that officially exhibited the stunning diversity of her works. Selling over 3/4 of the 60+ pieces exhibited, Hanson's opening, "Absolute Freedom",  was a success. After a year of owning her own gallery and the restoration of her heritage house project almost complete, Kimberly-Lynn Hanson continues to move forward with a new studio space in Calgary, Alberta.
Kimberly currently splits her domestic time accommodating clients between Edmonton and Calgary. She continues to travel extensively with her fine art as well as tattooing. She spends up to months at a time in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong. When asked if she would ever consider permanently moving to any of these locations she stated, “What I have is a perfectly suited lifestyle for someone that is hungry for every experience from life. It takes care of me. It keeps me nourished, motivated and excited to make things."

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