Absolute Freedom
The Grand Opening of KLH invitation only Showroom, " Absolute Freedom " in Edmonton's High Street district April 22, 2016 was a huge success. Showcasing Hanson's foray into a multitude of unexpected styles and mediums, the stunning array of works exercised guests' expections with Kimberly's ideas of "Genius in Malleability".

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The Aston Martin/ Bentley Show, Calgary

Opening Night - Aston Martin / Bentley Show
Kimberly-Lynn Hanson was cordially requested by the high end luxury car dealership, Distinctive Collection in Calgary, Alberta, to display her stunning charcoal pieces in celebration of an exclusive Aston Martin and Bentley invite-only event. Distinctive Collection knew releasing the new models of automobiles in company with Hansonís prevalent works would be a more than interesting pairing and to add to this fascination, they also challenged Hanson with the offer to perform live at the evening's gala.
On May 14th, 2014, alongside the exciting unveiling of the 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante and the Bentley Continental GT V8 S, attendees were also able to catch a rare glimpse of Hansonís creative and industrious process as she worked diligently, in person, creating for guests a piece she designed specifically with Bentley's timeless intrigue in mind.
What was already to be an elegant evening was ignited by Hanson's all too well known bold, romantic, and adventurous originality. With nine of her striking works hanging, 5 being new, and Kimberly-Lynn Hanson herself, drawing live in a Haider Ackermann designed runway gown, her hands covered in charcoal, guests were openly captivated by the all encompassing display of style and integrity. Kimberly-Lynn Hanson was absolutely honoured to have been invited and completely inspired by the thrilling challenge to perform live. The showcase was an exquisite evening and everyone in attendance agreed, it was a noteworthy experience.


The Red Bull Show, Toronto

Opening Night - The Red Bull Show, Toronto
During the New York show, Kimberly-Lynn was approached by a representative of Red Bull Canada with an offer to move the show to the Red Bull head offices in Toronto. Excited by the challenge to fill the at least 3 times larger event space, Kimberly finished up with her duties in Brooklyn and quickly flew back to Edmonton to get to work on the new show.  A mere 3 months after the closing of her premier exhibition she had 4 new frame designs and 10 more works available for display. With attendees flying in from Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria and New York, opening night was an energy filled evening.


The New York Show

Opening Night - The New York Show
Kimberly-Lynn's premier solo exhibition opened December 14, 2012 in Brooklyn, New York. With 11 framed pieces, sizes ranging up to 6 feet in length, getting them from Edmonton to New York was a feat within itself.
Opening to rave reviews and selling almost half of the displayed pieces; "The Night is Young.... And other things left undone" was officially born.